Blair Sharp joins us in today's Don’t Touch My Mindset Podcast episode. Blair is an alcohol-free wife and mom from Rochester, Minnesota. She stopped drinking alcohol when her son was 18 months old. Throughout her alcoholism, Blair had some moments that could have made her quit, but she didn’t know life without alcohol was possible. Once she became a mom, she gained a new responsibility and could no longer live in her cycle.
Notable Quotes
  • “Remove all your qualifications, careers, and achievements, and you’ll have the real picture of yourself.”
  • “In every stage of life, there’s always a reason to drink alcohol.”
  • “Change is scary. Doing things different from what we’ve been used to is scary.”
Tune in!
During this episode, you will learn about;
[00:32] Introduction to the show
[02:16] About Blair and what she does in her space
[05:39] Who’s Blair without all the achievements and career
[10:46] Here’s her inspiring pivotal moment in life- quitting alcohol
[17:07] How quitting alcohol improved her parenting
[21:31] Some people don’t like seeing others grow
[23:54] Blair’s advice to pregnant mothers who are still struggling with drinking
[32:12] If she was given a chance to make a 20- second phone call to her future
[35:20] Getting in love with your future self
[45:00] Do you practice self-talk?
[48:16] Takeaway tips and how you can connect with Blair
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