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Don't Touch My Mindset Podcast by Jay Chase

Hi, I'm Jay Chase.

I exist to lead with generosity + unconditional love but to follow with care + understanding. I am a speaker, podcaster and coach. I also have been sober since February 5th 2017. Now I help individuals integrate their mind and heart to navigate this human experience and everything that comes with it. This is just a my peak inside my world. I believe Life is 100% Mindset and about how we respond to situations. This podcast is designed to uplift, inspire, and motivate but most importantly share tools to help you protect that mindset. I’m no doctor or guru or something, I’m a loving Soul, navigating this human experience with you.

I am based in Columbia, MO. And I have been here most of my life. I stand on my core values of always coming from a loving place. Remembering to stay in a growth mindset. Doing what I say, and always face fear. If you keep rocking with me and the podcast, I promise you will experience growth without letting anyone touching your mindset. I see a world of leaders united, leading from unconditional love and clear minds. My goal is to bring you new episodes every week while building a community of like minded individuals! Let’s get connected. Stay focused, stay inspired, and stay connected. Thank you for rockin with me.

Where did the idea for Don't Touch My Mindset come from?

And what is the vision for all this?..

Here's the idea..

This podcast is designed to uplift, inspire, and motivate you But MOST importantly share tools to protect that mindset.

Here, we will dive in and dissect different philosophies I have learned throughout my journey and most importantly implemented into My everyday way of life. From books I’ve read to sharing personal experiences like, being in prison, struggling with addiction, getting sober,  staying sober, growing up in a abusive household. Or losing my faith to regaining my faith. To Constantly failing over and over again to get hired at the company I work for now, and how those experiences shaped me and have helped me in my present day situations. 

Why it excites me!

I imagine a world of leaders united, leading from unconditional love and clear minds. sharing the things that we have learned through our personal experience of pains and triumphs well help everyone around us experience growth in some way. We move closer to that dream and we can start building a community of like minded people and leaders.