As humans, we naturally yearn for validation and a sense of significance. Yet, it is only when we step out of our way and from our own limitations and wholeheartedly embrace our authentic being that we can experience true fulfillment. However, this profound journey toward self-realization is often obstructed by various obstacles that impede our progress and prevent us from realizing our full human potential. These barriers can manifest in the form of past traumas, beliefs, and societal pressures. Nevertheless, by doing the inner work and getting into the depths of our true selves, we can open a world of endless possibilities before us.

Expanding your world and enhancing your leadership capacity is all about allowing yourself to simply live in the present moment without constantly striving for achievements or succumbing to societal pressures. The key to leadership is learning to embrace the beauty of the present moment and letting go of the burden of striving for accolades or meeting expectations that do not align with your values. By aligning your leadership roles with your personal values, you are cultivating authenticity and the freedom to pursue and manifest your deepest desires.

In this episode, Carissa Johnsen shares her journey, what it means to lead yourself and as a byproduct, have the privilege to lead others. You deserve the freedom to be who you are truly created to be. Carissa is a Life and Leadership Advisor, Shamanic Practitioner, Transformational Speaker, and Executive Producer. She has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Trained Shamanic Healer with over 7 years of experience in the field of human behavior, energy healing, leadership coaching, and business consulting. Carissa is passionate about health, leadership, and performance through the lens of merging science and spirituality and works with elite professionals and public figures. 

Notable Quotes

  • “We are all worthy, have a message and matters without needing to position ourself in the marketing space.”
  • “Sometimes we think that bigger is better and more means we are more worthy and this is not true.”
  • “We often think that money solves the problem; money is great and it can help with what you are facing but it’s going to amplify insecurity that is already there.’”
  • “The decision-making process is so much easier when you know your values, your values are your guide posts and pillars.”
  • “Honesty creates trust and trust creates intimacy, so if you’re not being honest with who you’re there is no trust.”
  • “Relating is one of the most accelerated paths to personal growth; it’s where you see how you show up in connections.”

Tune in!

Key Highlights from the Show

[00:01] Intro and what’s in for you in today’s show 

[03:29] Carissa’s backstory and what she does in her space 

[04:52] Who Carissa is without all the titles, and why she is here 

[12:16] Carissa’s pivotal moment and what it was like for her 

[19:11] How awareness makes validation desire distinctive and beautiful   

[20:14] Carissa’s three core values that drive her every single day

[20:14] Wellbeing; How it helps feel regulated and safe 

[24:19] Freedom, what it looks like, and what made Carissa value freedom

[29:39] Community: Why it’s non-negotiable value for a happy and healthy life

[38:10] Isolation and the need to belong with people around us 

[40:22] Quick and fun questions game

[44:18] What Carissa would do differently if she were to start all over again 

[45:09] Best ways to reach out and connect with Carissa

[45:52] Ending the show 

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