Amplify Your Authenticity in The Pursuit of Success with Christina Wenman

When you are authentic, you are in control of your life. You know what it is that makes you happy, and happiness is something everyone can attest to. You find peace in the present moment and realize how powerful it is to live a life of purpose.

Join the conversation with Christina Wenman as she shares her journey through authoring and publishing her first book. Listen to the lessons she learned from these pivotal moments in life. Besides being an author, Christina is a Happy Healthy Human Coach and HR Generalist at the Church Mutual Insurance Company. Throughout her education, she has maintained a high level of involvement with academics, work, and leadership opportunities.

Christina had a lot of questions about what success means in today's world. So she decided to write a book about it. It took over a year. She interviewed nine people she believes are successful in business, education, and entrepreneurial efforts. She winnowed and focused and questioned her thoughts about success. She did all this in secret, except for her immediate family and a few other people, so she could fully concentrate on the project.  The result is a self-published, 125-page paperback book titled "Success Through Your Eyes: Learning from Your World to Find Your Way."

Notable Quotes

  • “True success means having the right balance in life.”
  • “Authenticity is more powerful than anything else someone would give you.”
  • “Always choose life over money. You can always replace money through different avenues, but regret in life is irredeemable.”
  • “Authenticity is more valuable than any monetary value someone can give you.”
  • “Sometimes sharing your goals with other people is not wise. It may create a sense of accomplishment in you, leaving you less enthusiasm to keep going.”
  • “It’s so crazy that sometimes, the least favorite parts about ourselves are the best parts to other people.”

Tune in and learn more in this conversation! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Christina Wenman

[02:55] A bit about Christina and what she does in her space  

[04:20] The fascinating journey of authoring her first book at 16 years old

[06:23] Christina’s definition of success

[08:17] What drives Christina’s boat of success currently

[11:23] The occurrences around Christina’s pivotal moment

[16:46] The work of mentors in your pursuit of success is to amplify your decisions 

[22:04] Her feelings after publishing the book at 17 years

[26:47] How she has overcome the discomfort of people reading her work in her presence

[29:20] The biggest trying part of her book writing journey

[34:41] Christina’s next project passion

[35:35] Who Christina would be, minus titles, achievements, and accomplishments

[41:42] Her opinions on why people start things and not finish them

[44:01] How you can reach out, connect and support Christina’s work

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