Anything you Desire is Possible with Claire Guindon.

Imagine a world where anything you desire is possible and your wildest dreams come true. It sounds like a fantasy, but it's not. The main ingredient to living this dream is the power of your mind and will. One day at a time, our thoughts create our reality, and we can use that as an advantage to live the life we want! You are the master of your own destiny, and anything is possible. There are no limits to what you can accomplish, and it doesn't require any special skills, opportunities, or money. If you want something, all you have to do is take the first step in your journey toward success.

The difference between the people who believe nothing is impossible and those that never try is a mindset. One has the belief that they will not fail, while the other has a fear of failure. Those who think they will not fail have high expectations and will put in 100% to succeed. This person will be more likely to take risks, have a positive mindset and be persistent. Oftentimes, people with a positive mindset know that they have what it takes to succeed. They are more likely to try new things, learn and adjust their way of thinking. People with a negative mindset think the opposite - that they will never be able to accomplish anything because of the fear of failure that's holding them back.

Join this conversation with Claire Guindon, a digital nomad who has created her life at a young age. She spends her life traveling the world, doing adventures, and living her purpose. Whether you are 16 or 61, you can create a life that brings fulfillment. Listen to Claire’s story and inspiration.

Notable Quotes 


  • “ Your life is the average of the lives of people you choose to surround yourself with.”
  • “The other side of fear is freedom. You have to put freedom over fear.”
  • “Serving others brings you fulfillment; the highest form of self-love is service and inspiration to others.” 
  • “Never ask the advice of someone with whom you wouldn't want to trade places.”
  • “Mindset is the only difference between a person who believes nothing is impossible and never tries because of the fear of failure.”
  • “If you can believe it, you will achieve it. Nothing will come to mind that we can’t achieve.”
  • "If you believe you can do it and put in the time and effort, then there's no reason why you can't."
  • “Everything you go through prepares you to be a better leader who helps someone else.”
  • “There’s a point in life where we stop being seekers and become doers.

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    Key Highlights from the Show

    [00:01] Episode intro 

    [03:04] Meet Claire Guindon 

    [03:51] A bit about Claire’s backstory and how she became a digital nomad 

    [07:25] Trials and tribulations that she has overcome in her journey

    [09:52] Claire’s guiding star

    [12:42] Pivotal moment that shaped Claire into who she is today

    [14:40] The most conducive environment for your growth

    [22:04] What Claire could tell her future self on a 20-seconds phone call

    [27:16] Rapid fire round

    [27:48] Reach out and connect with Claire Guindon

    [28:52] Claire’s piece of advice for a 48-year-old woman

    [29:53] Episode wrap-up and calls to action

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