Finding Your Purpose and Meaning in Sobriety with Alex McRobert 

Finding your purpose and meaning in life will help you transition to a life-long recovery and sobriety. A purpose might be an activity, self-improvement goal, or an impactful pursuit, and it’s a great way to avoid a relapse. Addiction is a symptom of something wrong and a lack of purpose in life. It is an attempt to fill the void with something that makes us feel alive. However, drugs are just a coping mechanism and will impact your ability to find meaning in life, leading you to self-destruction. Becoming sober and finding meaning in your life is pivotal. Anyone who has gone through sobriety breakthroughs can attest to that. Finding out why you’re here is the key to overcoming addiction and living a sober life. Anything is possible when you are sober!

Join the conversation with Alex McRobert as she shares her journey, pivotal moments, and how sobriety helped her find her purpose and meaning in life. Alex McRoberts, also known as Sober Yoga Girl, is a former party girl turned international yoga teacher and Life coach. she runs a podcast and an online community, where she helps people quit drinking and develop a yoga practice. Alex is an Ontario Certified Teacher, and she started her career teaching overseas (Kuwait) for seven years which was an incredible adventure but also a struggle with addiction. Her breakdown and breakthrough in finding sobriety opened the doors to her purpose and transitioned to yoga. 

Notable Quotes

  • “It’s better to follow your purpose imperfectly than to live someone else’s.”
  • “Doing the hardest part of sobriety will make it easier to achieve.”
  • “Finding out why you are here is the best pivotal moment ever.”
  • “Alcohol use and abuse is a symptom of something wrong and a coping mechanism,”
  • “There are two moments in sobriety, the moment you get sober, and the moment you keep going,”
  • “Anything is possible when you are sober.”

Tune in! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to the show 

[02:30] A bit about Alex and what she does in the yoga space   

[03:18] What inspired Alex’s transition from teaching to yoga 

[05:10] Living your purpose versus practical life

[06:57] Pivotal moment and what it means to Alex  

[08:51] Alex's pivotal moment from her persona as “The party girl.”

[09:56] How wine-obsessed are you? How far it took Alex  

[14:46] Alex’s experience in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where alcohol is legal  

[18:39] Alex’s pivotal moment and what lead her to sobriety 

[24:48] Sobriety and Alex's life lessons in her journey 

[28:26] The most difficult moments in sobriety and what kept Alex motivated 

[32:41] The most significant pivotal moment that led Alex to her purpose  

[37:22] Advice from Alex on how to find your purpose and ignite the power in you 

[38:40] Alex's online community, podcast, and the resources that they offer

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