Healing and Finding Meaning in Self with Karlie Lottermoser

The journey of self-healing is not an easy one. It takes time, patience, and a lot of practice to get better at it, but the benefits are worth it. Learning to unlearn a negative mindset can be very hard, but it’s necessary for your healing and self-discovery journey. It will help you set a new definition of yourself, create a higher level of trust, and find meaning in your life.

Setting aside what you have always known, what you have learned, and the decisions you have always made is where change and growth happen. Rebuilding yourself and your life is the only way to have true happiness and a sense of fulfillment. You have to break, mold, manage and change the old self to create a positive mindset.  

Join the conversation with Karlie Lottermoser as she shares her journey, pivotal moments, and how you can build healthy relationships and live your purpose. Karlie is a certified life and health coach with a passion for helping others. She is a 𝘗𝘛𝘚D survivor, and it took her many years with crippling anxiety to learn to love and value herself the way she does today. Karlie works with people to help them face adversity with the courage to overcome trauma and anxiety and live with positivity, purpose, and power. Her mission is to teach individuals how to overcome anxiety, shift their mindsets, and set themselves to achieve all their goals! 

Notable Quotes

  • “Learning to unlearn a negative mindset is probably the hardest thing you can do, but it’s the most rewarding.”
  • “Going through hardship in life can helps you find your purpose.”
  • “If a relationship is controlling and manipulative, it is not worth your sacrifice.”
  • “A healthy relationship flows right and is so fair and love forming,”
  • “In everything that you do, follow your intuition and do what makes you fulfilled,”

Tune in! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to the show 

[02:27] A bit about Karlie and what she does in the coaching space  

[03:41] What inspired Karlie to help people change their life

[05:19] Working on mindset to change your perspective 

[06:56] Karlie's pivotal moments and what led her toward change  

[10:13] Karlie’s pivotal moments and how they transformed her life 

[14:06] Who is Karlie without all the titles, and why she is here 

[16:05] Steps Karlie took to rebuild her life after leaving a toxic relationship  

[19:01] How to identify healthy relationships from toxic and draining 

[24:31] What Karlie had to break, mold, and change within herself

[29:28] Healing trauma to push forward and live a fulfilling life

[31:42] Karlie’s message to her future self 

[32:58] How to reach out, connect or learn more about Karlie 

Connect with Karlie Lottermoser

Website: https://mailchi.mp/63d2a263d28b/coaching

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kbrookexo/

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