Living in your intention today will pave the way for you to step into your future best self. The journey to healing starts with visualizing the future that you desire and aligning your mindset with your new self. We all go through traumas, and learning how to sit with your pain will help you heal and create a fabulous self. Healing is a journey, it's not a race or a destination, and you’ll heal at your own pace.    

In today's episode of Don’t Touch My Mindset Podcast, we’re joined by Darren Ngo. Darren has a background in construction, but recently he started his journey on manhood. He’s working on projects aimed at helping men grow and be the best versions of themselves by sharing what he has learned for the past two years on manhood.

During the episode, Darren shares his journey and healing from a breakup in a relationship that he valued. This was devastating, but he had to make a choice so that he could heal, grow and move on. For him, pain is a catalyst to growth, and you’ve to acknowledge it to outgrow it. Darren’s pivotal moment was not the breakup; instead, this was the initiation.

Notable Quotes

  • “We’re never done healing; we heal every day.”
  • “Don’t shovel your feelings, sit with them to heal.”
  • “Just let it be, things will fall in place, time is the best medicine.”
  • “Give yourself permission, it’s okay to be sad and cry,”

Tune in! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:28] Introduction to the show 

[02:29] Darren’s background information 

[04:26] What Darren does in the construction space 

[06:57] Truth-seeking; Darren pivotal moment when he met her ex

[09:51] Darren's devastation when they split and how he navigated through 

[15:23] Coaching and how it helped him rebuild his confidence

[20:37] Just let it be; turning your pain into a pivotal point towards growth 

[22:13] Seating with your pain and healing at your own pace 

[28:27] Fathering yourself; Darren focus mindset moving forward 

[37:43] Stepping into your future self; Darren's future self 

[42:57] Darren’s advice to someone going through a breakup 

[45:12] Darren’s takeaways from the interview 

[48:17] How to reach out and learn more about Darren 

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