Unstucking from Drinking & Navigating the Boundaries to Sobriety with Gill Tietz

We are all addicts of one thing or another. For some, it can be procrastination, greed, lust, alcohol addiction, etc. Getting unstuck from such bondage may not be easy. It requires tough decisions and painful pruning of your past. The first step is awareness, and the second is acceptance. When you recognize what makes you feel stuck and how that manifest in your life, you can take steps toward changing those habits and moving forward with your goals.

Join the conversation with Gill Tietz as she shares her journey, pivotal moments, and how alcohol severely impacted her mental health. She will discuss with us that she has learned about alcohol addiction, why it’s so hard sometimes to stop drinking, why alcohol makes us so miserable, how to embrace sobriety, and how to develop the life skills you need to stay sober.

Gillian Tietz is the creator and host of the Sober Powered podcast and works as a biochemist in the Boston area. Gill struggled with alcohol for about ten years until she quit drinking in 2019. Since then, she has dedicated herself to learning about alcohol’s influence on the brain and how it can cause addiction. She used that knowledge to free herself from her shame about being unable to control her drinking. Today, she educates and empowers others to assess their relationship with alcohol.

Gill became suicidal whenever she was very drunk. She would drink, pass out, jolt awake at 2 or 3 am and force herself to lie awake for the rest of the night, hating herself and thinking very scary thoughts. Gill started most days by looking at herself in the mirror and repeating “I hate you” repeatedly until she made herself cry. Eventually, the suicidal thoughts became so strong that Gill feared she might do something about it. That’s when she made a point to change her life for good. It has been two years of alcohol-free, and the journey has been amazing. Listen to her story and the motivation you need.

Notable Quotes

  • “Alcohol drinking equals being suicidal.”
  • “Acceptance of the outcomes of your habits can be your only trigger to pivot in your messy life.”
  • “Navigating obstacles and limiting beliefs on your way forward involves a painful pruning process. You have to make hard decisions and sacrifices.”

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Gill Tietz

[02:57] Meet Gill Tietz

[03:57] A bit about Gill’s backstory and how she became who she is today  

[06:12] Suicidal thoughts due to drinking that never went away created a pivotal moment

[09:02] What led her to acceptance

[11:28] What has been Gill’s motivation not to take alcohol

[13:16] Navigating boundaries of moving forward in her journey to sobriety

[17:20] How she navigates moving forward in setting goals and living a sober life

[20:22] The most outstanding scars she has from alcohol 

[31:22] Combating her limiting beliefs

[35:14] The future Gill and the message she will be sharing in ten years to come

[41:15] Reach out and connect with Gill

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