Pivotal Moments: Unleashing The Greatness In You with Kris Orticello  

Acceptance, surrendering, and aligning with God's will are vital parts of a fulfilling life. Trying to do things in your or other people’s way is not what God will for us. We must agree that whatever is best for us is not what people put out for us. But sometimes, we become slaves to each other expectations and status quos, which often draws us away from what we have been looking for our whole lives - happiness and fulfillment. Being in a relationship with God and doing good to others is not being religious. It’s knowing what God say’s about you and tapping into your power to manifest the person you want to be in life.

In today's episode of Don’t Touch My Mindset Podcast, we’re joined by Kris Ortichello, a woman of many hearts with a diversified path. Kris is a renown actor, business owner, and marketer. Her exclusive performance and natural charisma in her calling have secured her as one of the most outstanding Canadian actors of her generation. Kris has a hot streak, and she has been featured in US Weekly Magazine, FOX News, ABC News, and NBC News for her performances. 

During the episode, Kris shares her personal journey and how she went from trying to do it all on her own to accepting and surrendering to God’s will. From being a bulldozer to aligning with God’s plan for her life. Kris also talks about how she got into an accident, which remarkably changed her life, and contributed to the person she is today.

Notable Quotes

  • “When we’re in alignment and obedient to God everything comes after us.”
  • “A servant mentality comes from a heart of wanting to do good for others while run it mentality is self-centered.”
  • We have so much power as believers, but for most of us, it remains untapped.”
  • “We aren’t supposed to cheat the process; we’re supposed to enhance it and allow it to happen,”
  • “When people are not allowed to be who they are, their spirits suffer, which harms their souls .”
  • “An honest conversation is not about the words we speak; it’s about the words we listen to before we react.”

Tune in! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:26] Introduction to the show 

[02:45] A little bit about Kris's background 

[03:59] Who is Kris without all the professional titles 

[04:49] Pivotal moments and what they mean to Kris 

[05:42] Kris's most significant pivotal moment and how it shaped her into who she is today

[10:03] Acceptance, surrendering, and aligning our obedient with God

[11:35] How getting hit by a car changed Kris's decision making and perspective in life

[13:09] Letting go of your own way and aligning with God’s will

[15:27] What Kris would like you to take away from today's show  

[17:04] Why having a relationship with God has nothing to do with religion 

[25:52] Enhancing the process and allowing it to happen to get a diamond mindset 

[32:52] Why it’s so powerful to talk about our stories and how we overcame 

[34:47] Jay’s shift, input, and inspiration towards becoming the man he wants to be

[38:12] Creating a space and allowing people to be who they are meant to be

[45:23] Practicing active compassion by listening to others and appreciating the path 

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/kriss_o

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