Rediscovering the Pleasure of Life without Alcohol Since November 8, 2020, with Madeline Forrest 

Most people are struggling under the yoke of alcoholism. They are sabotaging their lives with an illusion of happiness and pleasure. Maybe you do not realize this because no one has ever told you what you miss on the other side of sobriety.

Join the conversation with Madeline Forrest, who discovered her life on November 8, 2020, when she stopped drinking.  She has redefined her happiness and lived to her commitments for two years in sobriety. She has used her journey to inspire others to get out of their rabbit holes through her Instagram account and podcasts. You can reclaim your precious life of purpose and impact the world.

This episode is for anyone struggling with alcohol addiction who has finally decided to take a turn around in their life. It is also for anyone who has begun the process of sobriety, but maybe the journey seems impossible. Madeline is here to encourage you with a story of her life and how she has managed to be sober for two years now and still counting. She advises that a meaningful life is waiting to open doors for you in the best possible way once you put the bottle down. The truth is that it’s hard and scary but what lies ahead is worth the struggle.

Notable Quotes

  • “There’s a space for everyone. Something in the world that sets you unique from the others.”
  • “There’s a lot of growth that comes with sobriety.”
  • “Do not feel guilty about not letting other people down if you are in a party and the only one who’s not drinking.”
  • “Growth will be slow and difficult when you only change your self and not the environment. Both must happen.”
  • “About 85% of the people who quit drinking go back to their habits within the first year because they did not change their toxic environments. They feel isolated and unloved.”

Let’s jump in! 

Key Highlights from this Episode;

[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Madeline Forrest

[02:30] Meet and greet Madeline Forest

[03:32] Everyone in the world has their uniqueness

[04:38] What inspired Madeline to stop drinking

[06:20] How has Madeline’s life changed since that decision

[08:19] How Madeline’s typical day looked like prior to quitting alcohol

[10:37] That moment when enough was enough, and it was time to pivot

[15:43] How her day’s lifestyle has changed since quitting alcohol

[20:22] The most outstanding scars she has from alcohol  

[23:05] Beware of your environment

[26:17] The impact of isolating yourself for 90 days when trying to quit a habit 

[27:23] If Madeline’s life was a smell, how would it be?

[30:08] Who could she look up to for sobriety if not her mom?

[31:28] Without any accolade or title, who is Madeline Forrest?

[32:01] How she builds her relationships currently

[32:47] Three of Madeline’s core values

[34:22] Her most challenging things in life right now

[35:55] The most exciting thing in her life right now

[37:00] What Madeline would tell her future self if she had an opportunity to do so

[41:49] Rapid fire round

[48:05] Reach out and connect with Madeline

    Resources Mentioned

    1. The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship by Don Miguel Ruiz:
    1. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz:
    1. The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions: Finding Balance Through the Soul Traits of Mussar by Greg Marcus:
    1. We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life by Laura McKowen:  

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