Mastering The Art of Failing Forward with Lauryn Fetkovich

Failure is inevitable in life, but not everyone accepts it. Some people walk around with a fear of failure for so long that they have no idea how to deal with it when it happens. To fail forward is a mindset - a way of thinking about your failures and spotting opportunities for success. It's about embracing the idea that 'mistakes happen. This episode with Lauryn Fetkovich will motivate you to overcome your fear and master the art of failing forward.

Lauryn Fetkovich is a young businesswoman passionate about mental health, wellness, and living life to the fullest… all while doing it alcohol-free. She is a proud Duquesne University MBA Alumna as of May '21 and currently works as an Acquisition Account Manager with Surgical Product Solutions (SPS). Here she helps hospitals and surgery centers reallocate their surgical disposables and equipment. Learn more about how you can find the positive in pain.

Notable Quotes 

  • “When you grow up so close to your family, you are more connected in later stages of life.”
  • “Though it may sound cliche, life experiences are our learning opportunities.” 
  • “You can only understand other people’s struggles and sympathize with them if you have walked through their path and overcome.”
  • “Transparency is key in any relationship. Kids can only open up to seek the help of their parents when there are healthy interactions within the family unit.”
  • “Use your failures to propel yourself forward.”
  • “Failure is the hallmark of success. Without failures, there would be no great successes.”John Maxwell 
  • “You are the only person who can save you. Don’t rely on anyone else.”


Tune in! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Lauryn Fetkovich

[03:01] Meet Lauryn Fetkovich and know her at a personal level

[06:00] How Lauryn’s drinking habits became more uncontrollable   

[08:49] Noticing the growing problem and deciding to make a paradigm shift

[12:00] Top reasons why people don’t reach out for help and how Lauryn navigated that

[16:44] How parents can create a friendly environment for their kids 

[24:33] Listen to Lauryn’s pivotal moment that changed her life

[30:23] Understand the power of your failures to propel you forward

[36:15] What’s your way of processing something?  

[38:20] Lauryn’s golden nuggets to motivate you in your recovery journey

[44:13] Who is Lauryn Fetkovich without any accolades, labels, and achievements 

[47:38] Reach out and connect with Lauryn

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