Pivotal moments are what we call “growth moments,” where an individual experiences a transformation in their life. Pivotal moments are there to shape your future and provide you with an opportunity for growth. A long period without a pivotal moment may feel that it’s actually the opposite. However, it starts with you. If you don’t react to a pivot moment, you will never experience it, and there are no second chances to get back in the game.
In today's episode of Don’t Touch My Mindset Podcast, we’re joined by Shane Cottle. Shane started his career in video production and the TV world, but his passion was not in that space. He got into the eCommerce world, and he was drawn into it. Shane is a real guy who likes to live with real experiences and real people.
During the episode, Shane shares his life's pivotal moment and the transformations that he went through to provide you with tools to add to your mindset tool kit and create the life of your dreams.
Notable Quotes
  • “Walking a little tall when things fall apart will make you miss lessons in life.”
  • “To be ready for a pivot you’ve to be ready to be chiseled down.”
  • “Sometimes people just need an alternative perspective and story to affect their life.”
  • “There is no growth without pivotal moments.”
  • “Be open to and fiercely choose the tools that work well with your body before you go to the mind.”
Tune in!
During this episode, you will learn about;
[00:37] Introduction to the show
[03:25] About Shane and what he does in his space
[03:27] Shane’s life lessons that he carries with him today
[09:58] Shane’s pivotal and chisel moments
[21:17] How the gate opened for Shane to get in his pivotal moment
[23:05] A zoom call that became another distinctive pivotal moment
[26:53] Shane’s roots and how meditation changed his story
[29:56] Becoming a better person and helping others to be the same
[30:53] The power of breathwork and spoken word in instilling new beliefs
[36:51] Overcoming resistance and the fear of pivotal moments
[40:37] Shane’s tips to add into your mental health tool kit
[44:06] The API analogy on how building your mindset starts all with you
[47:31] Shane when he started implementing change and how he has evolved
[49:03] How to reach out and connect with Shane