From Discovery to Recovery with Cait Madry

It’s sometimes tough to walk on a journey of sobriety. Usually, someone needs to change their friend circles, leave their families, and have a total turnover of their tempting environments. If you are still struggling with drinking, you know from deep down in your heart that who you are is not the person you are supposed to be. However, you can change that because everyone’s sobriety journey is different. There’s no defined moment that is the only way to stop drinking.

You can have a turnaround in your life if you make your decision now. What you have been missing is really encouragement and someone to hold up your hand and lead you to the light of who you are. Consequently, someone’s story could be the only thing you have been missing to trigger you to take that leap of faith. Today, Cait Madry is changing the world with her sobriety story at 28. Join me as we discover her journey, her drinking escapades, the pivotal moments, and how life has been since quitting alcohol.

Cait founded Clearheaded, a company she uses to teach people how to be social, sober and de-stigmatize being a non-drinker. It’s tough to walk in sobriety, but it gets better when you get in the company of positive people. She is also the host of CLEARHEADED: your sober-care podcast. She reveals her real-time sober lessons and features several guests on the show who share their unique moments of clarity surrounding their choice to become sober. 

Notable Quotes

  • “There’s always a discovery phase before recovery.”
  • “Pivotal moment is where you break the ceiling from who you are, to who you were born to be.”
  • “No one is exempt from achieving their dreams. If you can dream it, you can achieve it too.”
  • “Life can only be fully understood backwards, but we are forced to experience it forward.”
  • “We all have opportunities to reflect on our lives.”
  • “In your rock bottom moments, you are much stronger than you give yourself credit for.”
  • “Everything always works out in the end.”

 Tune in! 

Key Highlights from the Show

[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Cait Madry

[03:10] Meet Cait Madry, know what she does and what she’s up to 

[05:51] Cait’s drinking escapades before pivoting for sobriety

[08:16] The discovery phase

[11:27] A love story that became a game changer 

[14:27] Unpacking Cait’s story

[17:55] Your rock bottom can come in a variety of ways

[19:00] Th one lesson Cait can pull out of her pivotal moment 

[23:29] Things that triggered Cait to make a pivot besides drinking

[29:18] How Jay navigated the first year of loneliness in sobriety

[32:53] Build resilience in your story

[35:21] Rapid fire round

[46:27] Best ways to reach out and connect with Cait Madry

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