The Process and Phases of Recovery and Change with Kiola Raines 

In forming new habits, change takes time to happen. Whether it be a journey to recovery or a new life path, the change process will be gradual. It takes phases, slowly and surely changing the person into a new self. If you are in your first year of recovery to sobriety, be in the fellowship of people who have gone through the journey. You don’t want to be isolated or in environments that tempt you to return to your old lanes. 

You also need to have an accountability expert. This person may be a mentor or coach who will help you stay on track with the things you promised. If you fall, get up, dust off your clothes, and keep moving. There’s no luxury of wasting time lamenting over a mistake you made. Learn the lesson and move on. 

Join this conversation with Kiola Raines and learn more about your journey of discovery and recovery. Kiola is a Peer-Support Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach, and Fitness Expert. 

Early in her sobriety journey, she discovered the importance of effective goal setting, proper nutrition planning, and mindful movement. These foundations have become the cornerstone of her highly personalized coaching methods. As your coach, Kiola gives you the tools, knowledge, and support you need to achieve successful sobriety and the healthy lifestyle you deserve.  She shares golden insights you don’t want to miss in this episode. 

Notable Quotes

  • “During your first year of recovery, stay in your fellowship.”
  • “Great things happen when we leverage a pivotal moment.”
  • “A lasting change happens in phases, just like the process of removing your clothes. It cannot happen all at once.”
  • “We are all changing for the better, but that happens in stages and phases.”
  • “Being an introvert or extrovert has nothing to do with being outgoing. It has to do with how you process your environment, emotions and your thoughts.”

Let’s jump in! 

Key Highlights from this Episode:

[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Kiola Raines

[02:18] Meet and greet Kiola Raines and her backstory

[03:20] Kiola’s journey of recovery

[06:16] What you can do during your first year of recovery

[08:55] Conscious choices

[09:57] How Kiola’s smell of recovery is like

[14:04] Key pivotal moment that shaped Kiola into who she is today

[18:14] The hardest phase of adjustment 

[22:12] How long does it take to see a change when forming new habits

[30:05] What would Kiola tell her future self if she had an opportunity to do so

[32:50] Important discoveries Kiola knew in the recovery process

[40:41] Kiola’s inspiration and the best ways to reach out and connect with her

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