So many of us are held back from pursuing our dreams and ambitions because we fear failure. We become our own worst enemies, allowing self-doubt to consume us. But what if we approached our goals with a different mindset? When we truly respect and cherish something, we treat it differently. We realize that failure is just a part of the journey, and it doesn't define our worth, future or potential. Embracing this perspective empowers us to push past our fears and take the first step toward creating something remarkable.

In today's episode of the "Don't Touch My Mindset Podcast," we are joined by Caitlin Armstrong, a photographer, and digital content creator. In the conversation, Caitlin opens up about her own personal journey, sharing the pivotal moments that led her to rediscover herself, let go and embrace her vision. Through her experiences, she provides insight and strategies to help you reconnect with yourself and become the best version of yourself. Caitlin's story reminds us that it's never too late to explore our passions, pursue our dreams, and uncover our true potential.

In a world where external circumstances often dictate our choices, it's essential to remember that we hold the power to decide what comes next. We have the freedom to shape our own destinies and create value in our lives. Let Caitlin's story inspire us to embrace our unique talents, overcome our fears, and take control of our paths. By adopting a mindset that embraces growth, resilience, and self-belief, we can unlock our full potential and create a future that aligns with our deepest desires.

Notable Quotes

  • “Moving the body is such a powerful tool for us.”
  • “Being present in everyday makes it easy to make healthy choices.”
  • “Failure is an opportunity for growth; it’s a lesson and learning; if we don’t fail we don’t grow,”
  • “Think less, get out of your own hard and do more.”
  • “The joy and progress are in the journey, and we need to love the whole process because once we get to the destination, there will be another destination.”
  • “There is no arrival or endpoint in life; the more impact, the more responsibilities.”
  • “It’s important to know where you are and be able to pivot and grow so that you can continue to pivot.”

Tune in! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:26] Introduction to the show

[03:36] A bit about Caitlin‘s backstory and what she does g

[05:07] Who is Caitlin without all the titles and achievements, and why she is here

[06:42] Caitlin’s most significant pivotal moment and her wake-up call 

[14:01] How Caitlin developed into who she is today and what a healthy day looks like for her 

[19:34] How failure has shaped Caitlin's life, business, and success

[22:30] Caitlin’s message to young entrepreneurs who feel fearful and unprepared

[25:19] Servant leadership and what it means to Caitlin

[28:58] How to turn your weakness into a superpower and strength

[30:39] The most beautiful thing in the world for Caitlin

[31:27] Caitlin's message to her future self and her three core values

[33:36] What Caitlin would do differently if she were to start all over again

[36:04] How Caitlin came to accept the evolution of her vision 

[38:38] Caitlin struggle with mental health and how she reconnected with herself 

[40:32] How Caitlin's childhood smells like, and why

[42:11] The chapter of Caitlin's life that she is living right now

[44:28] How to reach out and connect with Caitlin 

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