Many blessings.

The year 2021 has come to an end! And with this New Year, most of us must have a new resolution for the year. But what to do after you achieve your goal? How do you spend the rest of the year? Do you stop there and consider yourself successful or maintain that achievement and repeat it at a higher level?

Jay shares why you should put more emphasis on your intentions than your goals in this episode of The Don't Touch My Mindset podcast and how he knows what his intentions are. Listen to him as he explains why and how to readjust your New Year's resolutions.

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Episod Highlights:

[01:01] - Questions you need to ask yourself every single day

[02:24] - What you should do to achieve your goals for 2022

[03:30] - About the episode: Positioning Yourself for Success

[05:07] - Focus on your intentions instead of your goals

[06:14] - Ask this question to know your intentions

[07:09] - Jay's acronym for PIVOT

[09:22] - Why do you need to choose your imagination over your ego

[11:08] - The Walla effect


"Integrate your mindset with your heart, and focus on your intentions."

"I can't live as a victim. I have to become the victor."

"I had to go through the pain to get power."

"Some types of fears are okay because growth is right outside your comfort zone. So if you're never scared, nervous, or excited about anything, you're not growing." 






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