Manual Vs. Automatic Mindset

Life is challenging, just like driving a six-speed manual car, where we are constantly shifting gears. Sometimes you need to shift to the next level, and other times downshift to a slower gear. This means that we have to try new things or just go with the flow and be patient. It can be hard to find the right gear because we don't know what's waiting for us when we come around the next corner, and you might need help from others around you. 

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, as I motivate you to take the leap of faith because as long as you have faith in yourself, skills, and determination, then anything is possible.

Notable Quotes

  • “Growth is good, but it’s a struggle. Help others lift their leg to the next step of the ladder.”
  • “You have to figure out which gear you need in every stage of life.”
  • “Build your character manually, and it will become an automatic perfection professionally.”
  • “Any type of elevation requires some level of separation. Eliminate some baggage before shifting your gears.”

Tune in! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:27] Introduction to the episode 

[00:50] Which mindset are you operating from? Manual or Automatic

[02:26] How this episode resonates with my life  

[03:38] Learning from your life of struggle is like driving a manual transmission car

[04:37] Your life is like an automatic transmission if…

[06:54] Each stage of life needs a different gear

[08:27] It starts as a manual transmission before becoming automatic 

[09:05] What makes you worry about your life

[09:52] So, are you in the manual or automatic stage? 

[10:31] Ending the show and calls to action

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