In this episode, I will be tapping into my divine feminine energy. I know you could be wondering how a man can tap into feminine energy. Do men have feminine energy? The answer is yes! Women, too, have masculine energy.
I thank God for how far he has brought me. He has taught me how to trust the process even when I can see the mountaintop without the path or the path without the mountain top. I have learned how to embrace the PIVOT mindset, which is an acronym that stands for:
P- Power over pain
I-Imagination over ego
V-Vision and purpose over practical
O- Over everything is God’s will
T- Tenacity, transformation, and freedom over fear
Life is 100% mindset. You’ll always see great things coming your way if you have the right mindset, unlike when you have a negative mindset.
In this episode, I will educate you about feminine and masculine energy and how you can tap into them to achieve the flow you desire in life.
Magical Quotes from the Episode:
“I believe that life is 100% mindset. It’s about how we respond to the situations.”
“99.9% of what happens to us is self-induced based on our response to situations that happen for us. Our destiny is our destiny, we can’t avoid it.”
“The things that I’m going through now is going to help me grow into the shoes of the Divine leader and servant that I am meant to be.”
“When your energy starts to intertwine, and you spend so much time with a person that you guys become one. It’s the balance of the divine masculine, and feminine.”
Key Talking Points of the Episode:
[02:29] The essence of having the right mindset
[07:02] What is divine feminine and masculine energy?
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