The Power of Forgiveness
Forgiveness is not forgetting what happened. It's not excusing the behavior of the other person, but it's choosing to stop letting that person or event have power over your life. Forgiveness starts with you. Don’t allow the pain of the same injustice to torture you over and over again.
Forgiveness starts with you. Unforgiveness is an emotional poison. It will keep you stuck in the past and prevent you from living a happy life. However, forgiving someone for yourself is so liberating, and it sets you free from all the pain, anger, and resentment that was holding you back in your life.
Join the conversation with your host Jay Chase as he shares about forgiveness, the power of forgiveness, and the steps you can take to get into a place of unconditional forgiveness. For him, he had to admit his part in the hurt and forgive himself before he could forgive others to get where he is today.
Notable Quotes
  • “Forgiveness isn’t for the person who did the injustice; it’s for you to reclaim your power.”
  • “Unforgiveness is an emotional poison.”
  • “It’s so liberating to forgive somebody for yourself.”
  • “When you don’t forgive you give away your energy and power.”
Tune in!
During this episode, you will learn about;
[00:31] Introduction to the show
[02:01] Today’s topic: The power of forgiveness
[03:19] Forgiveness is a choice; the book that changed jay perspective
[03:41] Forgiveness is for you and not the person who did the injustice
[04:15] How Jay came to forgive and let go of the grudge and anger on his father
[05:47] Practicing self-compassion and starting with you self
[07:00] Forgiveness, gratitude, and leading with love
[07:34] Steps to get into a place of unconditional forgiveness
[10:03] What happens when you don’t forgive
[10:49] Episode wrap up and calls to action
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