Season Three: Breaking the Cycle

Servant Leadership

Who do you wake up in the morning every day to serve? Do you wake up for yourself and others, and are you motivated or disciplined to achieve your dreams? We can all help and serve others, but without knowing who we’re, where we’re going, and why we’re here, we set ourselves up for failure. 

Serving others start with self. You cannot add value to others when your cup is empty. Whether it’s your mindset, body, spirit, business, network relationship, or hustle, you’ve to invest in yourself first. Work on yourself and become the best version of yourself to help others who are still in the dark.  Servant leadership is about reverse engineering. Become the person you needed in your darkest and help those that are stuck on the same path overcome. 

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, as he shares more about servant leadership and how you can be the best you in order to serve and help others. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Self-evaluate, self-access, and see who you needed in your darkest, who you want to become, and the people you want to serve. 

Notable Quotes


  • “We can all help, but if you’re experiencing lack, that is a significant sign that you’re not adding value in the specific area in life.”
  • “Be the best you can be because there is a group of individuals that will never be what they are supposed to be until you become your best version.”
  • “You are not supposed to be for everybody, be the best you can to the people you are meant to serve.”
  • “In order to lead others, you have to put yourself first and be the best you.”

    Tune in! 

    During this episode, you will learn about;

    [00:00] Introduction to the show

    [01:30] Break the cycle workshop coming up on Oct 2nd

    [02:15] This week’s mindset: Servant Leadership

    [03:08] Figuring your who, where, and why and getting out of your way

    [04:04] Experiencing lack and how we can add value to ourselves   

    [06:49] Jay's experience and the people that he serves  

    [07:58] Becoming the best version of you and helping others 

    [08:48] Reverse engineering: How to become a servant leader

    [10:00] Jay’s father's choice and why Jay does what he does

    [12:24] How and where to get started to become the best version of you 

    [12:53] Episode wrap-up and call to action

    Notable Quotes

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