Season Three: Breaking the Cycle

Walk The Walk  

We can talk about being better, creating change, or doing things differently, but if we don’t put actions behind our words, we will not make any difference in our lives. Change starts with action and sticking to the process. It may be as simple as changing your mindset, believing in yourself, and doing your best, but you have to be consistent to manifest. 

The biggest challenge in personal development is talking the talk and walking the walk. Sometimes this triggers imposter syndrome and the feeling that you are not doing what you said you would, which can lead to failure. Walking the walk is all about leveling up, believing in yourself, and speaking it to existence.  

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, as he shares about talking the talk and walking the walk and a structure that can help you manifest the life and the person you want to be. 

Notable Quotes

  • “Surround yourself with people and things that are conducive to your growth.”
  • “Everything we see started in the mind before manifesting itself in real life.”
  • “Walking the walk is a process; take it easy on yourself.”
  • “You have to see the value in yourself to bring it to the world.”
  • “Whatever somebody does or says, it's how they see themselves, not how you see yourself.

Tune in! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Introduction to the show

[00:46] Early Bird ticket for the upcoming workshop, Oct 2nd 

[02:25] This week’s mindset: Walk the walk 

[03:47] Setting a goal and waking the walk 

[04:28] Start becoming; Jay's goals after getting out of prison 

[06:01] Setting your goal and manifesting the person you want to be

[07:02] The structure and process of walking the walk 

[07:58] #The power: believe and speak it to existence 

[08:41] # Stop taking things personally  

[09:42] # Stop making assumptions about the outcome

[10:53] # Always try your best and give it your all 

[12:05] Episode wrap-up and call to action

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