Season Three: Breaking the Cycle

Know Your Worth

You determine the price of your life, and how you do anything is how you do everything. If you don't know what your worth is, you are letting somebody else set a price for who you are and determine what you can't and can attain in life. Go deep enough, research, and understand who you are to know the value you hold from within. 

Knowing who you are and setting your worth will help you to raise your self-esteem, raise the value of yourself and start operating at your highest. You have to raise your value before the world raises theirs and be around the right people and places to be valued correctly. 

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, as he shares more about knowing your worth and how to set and raise your worth. You are the single most important person in your life. Your mind, body, and spirit hold power. Understand who you are, and show up as the best version of yourself.

Notable Quotes

  • “The right people in the right places will value in the correct ways.”
  • “If you are around the wrong people in the wrong places, you will not be valued; they will determine your worth.”
  • “If you don't go deeper enough to understand yourself, you will never know the value you hold within yourself.”
  • “You have to raise your own value before the world raises theirs.”
  • “You determine the price of your life; how you do anything is how you do everything.”

Tune in! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Introduction to the show

[01:09] Get early bird tickets for an upcoming workshop on Oct 2nd

[02:04] This week’s mindset: Know your worth 

[03:05] Story time, tune in, and learn about valuing your worth  

[06:34] Going deep enough to understand your worth

[06:55] Don't allow someone else to set your price 

[07:53] Your paycheck is your worth, don’t settle for less 

[10:22] Own your control power and be your best version

[11:12] Raising your value and expanding your exposure  

[12:59] Determine the price of your life

[13:19] Episode wrap-up and call to action

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