What Do you Want?

What does life mean to you? What do you want to make of your existence on earth, and how can you achieve that vision? Your life's purpose is the big picture. It helps you stay grounded and focused throughout the day. It's a constant reminder to work towards your goals and to be happy doing what you love.

However, it can become challenging to remember your purpose when so many things are going on in your life, but there are a few ways to always keep in mind. At the end of the day, we need a step-by-step process for keeping our compass direction steady.

Today's mindset focuses on helping you track whether you understand what you want in life. We can get lost in the details and lose the big picture. In this episode, Jay provides a road map and a step-by-step process to keep you centered and anchored to help you remember what you want.

Notable Quotes 


  • “Anyone who has a why will bear anyhow.”
  • “The most powerful thing we have as humans is vision.”
  • “Self-awareness and practice is what creates change.” 
  • “Trials and tribulations come to everybody. So, who you become in the midst of adversity in different circumstances and situations shows the testimony of your character.”

    Tune in! 

    Key Highlights from the Show

    [00:00] Introduction to the show and this week’s mindset

    [02:26] A quote from Dr. Eric Thomas

    [03:28] Why you must keep remembering what you want

    [04:13] What is your vision?

    [05:34] Your vision is your true north when everything fails

    [07:21] The Los Angeles experience that taught Jay the power of vision

    [10:40] Trials and tribulations are inevitable

    [12:52] Episode wrap up

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