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True development is all about maximizing every aspect of your business and life, and it begins with believing in yourself, why you are here, and why you want to be an entrepreneur. If you see your value the way God sees it, you’ll understand that you’ve so much to pour into other people and so much value to provide to the lives of others that it’s not enough to hang on to a customer for one transaction. True development enables you to build a brand that can predictably produce profits over 10, 20, and 30 years, build generational wealth, and create businesses with an enterprise value that can be sold or detached from your personal brand.  

Until you develop yourself to the point where your ego comes down enough for you to step back and work on your business rather than be the face of the business 24/7, you will never get to true development. If you’ve not conquered your internal limiting beliefs, challenges, adversity, and opposition, you will not be able to help others go through it, train your employees, or come up with a business that is adding value to others. You cannot be a better entrepreneur than you’re as a person.  

Join the conversation with Jay Chase and Brandon Burns as they share more about true development and how you can strategize and optimize your performance. Brandon is a business strategist who helps businesses start, strategize, and scale. He has worked with many personal brands, specifically coaching businesses, which is his area of expertise. His mission is to help personal brands to turn their venture into legitimate businesses with enterprise value. 

Notable Quotes  

  • “You will not be able to be a better entrepreneur than you’re as a person.”
  • “Pray to see your value the way God sees your value.” 
  • “You’ve so much value to pour into other people and so much value to add and provide to the lives of others.”
  • “If you don’t know yourself, you can’t grow yourself.”
  • “Every single one of us is a leader, we just need to develop, and it starts inside of us.”
  • True Development Summit, Jay Chase and Brandon Burns

    Tune in! 

    Key Highlights from the Episode

    [00:39] Intro to the show and about our partnership, Jay & Brandon

    [03:06] Brandon’s backstory and what he does as a business strategist

    [05:02] Building generation wealth and a brand with an enterprise value

    [08:05] True development and what you can do to start right now

    [14:18] The belief factor and how to break it down to I’ll do it

    [15:21] Going beyond the mindset of I want to 

    [16:44] Leveraging the opportunities in front of you with the right mindset

    [17:57] The Brandon Burns and Jay Chase True Development Summit

    [20:02] Brandon’s final words

    [22:49] Wrap up and end of the show 

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