Only The Strong Thrive

Life will throw everything it has at us, strip us down, and knock us down, but only the strong will survive. We grow through the things we go through, and changing how we think about ourselves during crises is a game-changer. Life happens to all of us, and often, our self-talk can prevent us from getting ahead. Whether it’s a belief that we can’t do hard things, we have to scrape by, or we don’t know how to do it can keep us stuck in the rut when we have everything we need to thrive inside of us.

We’re strong and resilient, but we are also human, and we fall short. Don’t beat yourself too hard when you make a mistake or fail to accomplish your goal. Give yourself room to learn and make progress. We grow through the things that we go experience in life. We thrive through our failures and mistakes. There is no progress that comes without struggle or success that comes without failure. You can start and thrive in anything you want. You just need the willpower to work through it and give yourself credit for any achievement. Giving yourself credit unlocks your inner power and can help you move steps ahead even when the odds are against you. 

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, as he shares strategies on how to cultivate your environment, give yourself grace and position yourself to thrive on intentional growth. You will not win all the time. Sometimes you will lose, and learning to embrace the process will help you grow and thrive.

Notable Quotes

  • “Not only does the strong survive, but they thrive.”
  • “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Frederick Douglas
  • “We’re so strong, but we don’t give ourselves credit.”
  • “Humans are the only creatures that will blame themselves repeatedly for the same mistake.”
  • “We need to stop looking at adversity and mistakes as a time for blame and punishment ourselves, but as a chance to grow and learn.”
  • Sometimes you win, sometimes we learn, but we’re always in control of our situations.”
  • ‘If you add value to yourself, you become valuable; go deeper and figure your Why.”

Tune in! 

Key Highlights from the Episode

[00:39] Intro to the show 

[02:13] This week’s mindset: Only The Strong Thrive  

[03:01] Today's quote on progress and growth

[04:07] Giving yourself credit to cultivate your inner power

[05:15] Changing the way that we talk to ourselves

[06:04] Failure is not an opportunity for blame but for growth

[06:59] Thriving on intentional growth and not accidental growth

[07:39] How to position yourself in life to thrive 

[10:41] The importance of understanding that you can do hard things

[02:16] Wrap-up and end of the show 

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