You have made it through 2022, and the next year is welcoming you will all the positivity and good things. Congrats on enduring the struggles and hardships that came along your way.

You overcame them and became stronger and bolder to take on the next year with confidence. However, wise people take stock of their lives by celebrating their achievements and recognizing their mistakes. You need to sit down and reflect on your 2022 year and make better and smart adjustments that will make you even better and more successful in 2023.

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, on a special mindset on reflections. In this episode, he shares the benefits of reflection and tips to become more strategic in the new year. You must check your war arsenal and re-tool yourself accordingly if you need better results. 

Notable Quotes

  • “Don’t ever let life’s circumstances define your life.”
  • “The power of self-reflection speaks for itself.”
  • Everything always works out in the end.
  • “We will only understand why we went through something when we take time to reflect.”
  • “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.”

Let’s jump in! 

Key Highlights from the Episode;

[00:17] Taking a moment to reflect

[02:45] Everything always works out in the end

[04:21] Benefits of living in an abundance mindset

[06:24] Life is fully experienced backwards

[07:28] Benefits of self-reflection

[08:12] Where has been your area of development?

[10:18] What has been done for you, with you, by you, and through you in 2022?

[13:15] Ending of the show and call-to-action 

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