Chop Wood and Carry Water

We all set new year goals and resolutions but hardly do we develop a plan. Other people never set goals. They only have wishes and hopes. The truth is a goal with a plan has a higher chance of succeeding than one which does not have one. Actually, over 80% of people forget their goals within the first quarter of the year. The others struggle to achieve them if they do not have a well-laid plan. In this episode, Jay highlights a new mindset you need to make 2023 the best year of your life.

To ‘chop wood and carry water’ means setting your goal, determining the price for that goal, and then resolving to pay the price. It demands continuous effort, time, and energy toward what you want. When you take on somebody going in the woods, they bring their axe, make the decision, and they put in all the required resources, but their goal is to get firewood. They know the price it takes and what it demands to pay it. Chopping wood is a process that you should be committed to. You have to let go of some habits, desires, and relationships. 

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, as he shares the process you need to achieve your 2023 goals. Know what you can do to change your life and hit your goals. 

Notable Quotes  

  • “At the end of the day, we are accountable to ourselves. Our success is a result of what we do.”
  • “Most people who set new year goals never make a plan to achieve them.”
  • “Set your goal, determine what the price is and resolve yourself to pay the price.” 
  • “Do not just be prepared. You must be equipped to navigate the uncertainties of life, because change is inevitable.”
  • “You are the author of your life because you are the only person who can determine your life’s trajectory. How high or far you go is a result of your decisions.”
  • “A goal with a plan and determination of persistence has better chances of succeeding.”
  • “Our success is a result of what we do.”
  • “We get the outcome from the process.”

    Tune in!

    Key Highlights from the Show

    [00:01] Episode intro and this week’s mindset; chop wood and carry water

    [02:19] This week’s quote

    [03:40] You already set your 2023 goals 

    [04:14] What chop wood and carry water means

    [05:10] The process may not always go your way

    [06:22] What this year means to Jay

    [06:48] Be prepared and equipped because change will be inevitable

    [08:08] Success of your goals depends on the plans we make

    [09:40] How Jay has had to chop wood and carry his water

    [10:52] Golden takeaways from this episode

    [12:12] Wrap-up and calls to action 

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