The Maxwell Theory; Develop Your Leadership Potential

Maxwell's Theory is a firm foundation for servant leadership. It is about putting people first and adding value to their life. To develop more leaders and bring the best out of people, you have to put people first and care for them in order to lead them. Adding value to people's life is servant leadership, and it is the building block to effective leadership. It is getting and giving to create good energy and vibrations and influence the world. You cannot influence without adding value. 

Leadership cannot exist without influence, and to influence people, you need to add value to their lives. Developing your fruit (talent, potential, or gift) and giving it to others to make an impact is leadership, and it is not about you. It’s about your fruit. Developing yourself as a leader is building your discipline, going beyond your commitment, and giving back what has been given to you. What has been given to you is not yours but yours to manage and give back.  

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, as he shares more about The Maxwell Theory to help you shift your thinking and grow as a leader. Leaders are not born. They are developed. 

Notable Quotes

  • “Your positive thinking paired with your positive action results in success.” Shiv Khera
  • “You can care for people without leading them, but you can't lead people without caring for them.” John C Maxwell
  • “In order to develop more leaders, we’ve to show the importance of caring for people.”
  • “Character development leads to leadership development.”
  • “Leadership is nothing but influence, in order to Influence, all you’ve to do is to add value.”
  • “What is yours is not yours but you are to manage.”

Tune in! 

Key Highlights from the Episode

[00:39] Intro to the show 

[01:22] Our new podcast: True Development podcast 

[02:18] This week’s mindset: The Maxwell Theory:  Change Your Thinking 

[03:01] Today's quote on positive thinking 

[03:45] Maxwell's quote on putting people first stuck with Jay

[05:43] Leadership starts with character development 

[07:49] Leadership is influencing and adding value to people

[10:05] Servant leadership and how it works 

[12:51] Wrap up and end of the show 

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