Taking ownership is all about designing your life and making sure that what you are doing is your dream and not what somebody else wants for you. If you follow what others want for you, it might not fit right. When somebody else has a version of who you are and owns your dream, it will drain you off, especially when it does not align with who you truly are. Working on somebody else dream every day, all day, will only leave you depressed and tired.

Owning your dream and creating within it will fire you up and keep you awake at night. Your dream will take you outside your comfort zone and help you multiply your output. Chasing other people's dreams only puts you outside your strength zone, where you do things that are not beneficial to you, your dream and the people around you because you're not operating at your best. Finding your strength, taking an active leadership role in your life, believing in your dream and being willing to better yourself will help you stretch,  move outside your comfort zone and multiply your impact. 

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, as he shares more about taking ownership of your dream and operating outside your comfort zone to multiply your impact. Learn how you can take an active leadership role in your life and capitalize on your strength today. Allowing others to design your life and determine who you are will only capitalize on your limitations, weaknesses and the things you're not good at. Take Ownership!

Notable Quotes

  • “If you don't design your life, somebody else will.”
  • “Make sure your dream is what you want and not what somebody else want for you.”
  • “Somebody's else dream will drain you out but your dream will fire you up.”
  • “If somebody else owns your dream, it will put you outside your strength zone, but when you own your dream, it will take you outside your comfort zone.”
  • “If somebody owns your dream, you'll feel like they make you do it, but if you own your dream, you will feel like you were made to do it.
  • “You will succeed if no one believes in you but you will never succeed if you don't believe in yourself.”
  • “Talent without passion equals potential without possibility, passion without talent equals passion without potential, but talent with passion equals potential with possibility.

Tune in! 

Key Highlights from the Episode

[00:01] Intro to the show and what’s in for you today

[02:43] Today's mindset: Take Ownership 

[03:46] Today’s quote on designing your own life 

[04:25] Determining who owns your dream and taking action  

[07:09] Owning and creating within your own dream

[08:20] How owning your dream takes you outside your comfort zone

[09:06] Chasing other people's dreams is operating outside your strength zone

[10:08] Finding what you were made to do and taking ownership

[11:09] 3 questions to ask yourself in taking ownership of your dream 

[14:16] Wrap up and end of the show

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