Spot and Use Pivotal Moments to Align your Life || Damien Noble Andrews

There are always pivotal moments waiting for you that could completely change your life's trajectory. We say yes to those moments when we get out of our own way and are not paying attention to our typical mediocrity. We find ourselves in a different space, being a better version of ourselves. Though these moments don’t happen often, you will be in the flow if you prepare for them.

Join the conversation with Damien Noble Andrews as he shares the pivotal moments that have shaped the life he lives today. Damien Noble Andrews is a nice guy. Not the kind of nice guy that finishes last or blends into the background. Not that guy you kind of recognize from that party at that house that one time. He's the kind of nice guy raised by 4 women, including 3 generations and one very old-school grandfather. He was taught that respect, honesty, and authenticity are most important and to only spend time chasing the things you love. 

This crazy pursuit of passion led him to a life as a professional athlete… but that’s a story better shared over a cup of tea or a good margarita. His passion carried him to photography. After studying at a world-renowned institute, he took his degree and talent to the streets. Through mostly word of mouth, Damien has been chosen to shoot world champions, CEOs, normal folk, veterans, celebrities, and everything in between. His favorite shoots are with people ready to express their emotions and who have chosen to pour themselves into whatever they do. If they’re not quite ready to lay it all out there, Damien has an uncanny way of creating a safe space for them to open up.

Notable Quotes

  • “The easiest way to recover after a mistake is to accept, pick yourself and learn the lesson.”
  • “There’s no finish line to working on yourself. You just know more and become a much better version of yourself.”
  • “People love authenticity. You do not need to be extraordinary to be loved. Just be yourself.”
  • “In an effort to be more of you, you will also share more.”
  • “There’s always a pivotal moment waiting for you to change your life trajectory completely.”

Tune in and learn more in this conversation! 

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Damien Noble Andrews

[03:27] A bit about Damien and what he does in his space  

[06:10] Damien’s life pivotal moment that has brightened his life

[17:16] How do you dig yourself out of a mistake? 

[21:00] Damien’s experience of how Clubhouse has changed his life

[28:21] You do not have to be extraordinary to be loved. Be yourself

[30:47] How to combat the inner critic when ego says you should be a different person

[38:26] If you want a different life, you have to get different

[41:32] The realities of life

[48:31] How you can reach out, connect and support Damien’s work

[49:50] Golden key nuggets from Damien

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