Season 4 Finale

Seeking Development 

Not every day is easy, but it’s still an opportunity to live it as a blessing. Living by what you have been through and what is happening around you will only leave you oppressed and depressed, but looking into who you can be and pursuing it will make every day a blessing. Your past and present are meant to prepare you for the future, don’t allow them to deter your progress or kill your vision. Crave to be who you are meant to be and make it a reality by seeking development to become a person of value.   

Life is a journey filled with trials and tribulations. The things we have to come face to face with in our journey through life can feel overwhelming, but they can also be blessings in disguise. They may not be woven as blessings, but changing our perspective can transform every challenge into a breakthrough, every trial into a triumph, and every adversity into a blessing. Having the right mindset is the catalyst for all success. We all struggle, and sometimes the struggles can make it hard to see anything else as a blessing. But cultivating a mindset that craves development will keep your eyes focused on what you want and where you want to go.  

Join the conversation with your host, Jay Chase, as he shares the formula to cultivate a development mindset, the power of seeking development, and becoming a person of value in your space. Learn how to spark your desire for development, be fruitful within yourself, multiply value for people, and govern your life to thrive.

Notable Quotes

  • “Not every day is easy, but it’s still an opportunity to live it as a blessing.”
  • “Once you decide what the goal is, there is always a price to pay.”
  • “It’s the people around that will get you to the next opportunity; surround yourself with the right people.”
  • “If nothing else, focus on the opportunities and what you are building.”
  • “Be fruitful within yourself to multiply value to others.”

Tune in! 

Key Highlights from the Episode

[00:39] Intro to the show 

[01:14] About our new podcast: True Development podcast 

[02:05] This week’s mindset: Seek development 

[03:10] Today's quote on turning our adversity into a blessing.

[04:19] Craving development and who you are 

[06:27] Why we often refrain from self-development

[09:38] The formula to cultivate a mindset of seeking development

[11:33] How to get on track when you find yourself faulting from development 

[14:06] Being fruitful within yourself and governing your life

[14:21] Wrap up and end of the show 

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