A Unique Perspective on What Makes a Great Leader 

Leadership is not a title that you can earn by being born with it. Leadership comes from within, it’s not about having power or authority over others, it is something that we all have the potential to do.

Leadership is a skill that is inherent to every human being, and it can be learned and developed. It is something that each one of us has the power to do with the right mindset. We just need to believe in ourselves, trust our vision and be authentic.

In today’s episode of Don’t Touch My Mindset Podcast, your host, Jay Chase, shares leadership and what it takes to be a good leader. We’re all created to be leaders, and tapping into our authentic selves will help us lead from a place of tenacity. 


Tune in! 


During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:32] Introduction to the show 

[02:13] Today's topic, Leadership and what it takes to be a good leader 

[03:18] The true definition of a good leader and the purpose of leadership

[04:51] Believing in something bigger than yourself, Vision

[05:18] We’re all leaders, and we lead by example 

[06:18] Operating from of your truth and personal power 

[06:55] Leaders are visionary, and they lead people for the greater good

[08:02] A leader comes from the heart and is made in the mind 

[08:47] Stepping on your fears and showing up without quitting 

[10:23] Doing your part and being the change that you want to see

[10:57] Leading from a place of tenacity


Notable Quotes 

  • “Leaders are there to help individuals integrate their heart and mind for better decision making.”
  • ‘‘A good leader leads with love.”
  • “Leaders understand what it means to stand in their truth unapologetically.” 
  • “Change the relationship you’ve with your past to create the future that you want.” 
  • Leaders come from the heart, and they are made and tested in the mind.”


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